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Research in science education – past, present, and future

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Research in science education – past, present, and future
Original Title Research in science education – past, present, and future
Author Behrendt, Helga, European Science Education Research Association. International Conference (2nd : 1999 : Kiel, Germany)
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Topics Science
Publisher Dordrecht , Boston, Mass. : Kluwer Academic Publishers
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Research in Science Education – Past, Present, and FutureAuthor: Helga Behrendt, Helmut Dahncke, Reinders Duit, Wolfgang Gräber, Michael Komorek, Angela Kross, Priit Reiska Published by Springer Netherlands ISBN: 978-0-7923-6755-0 DOI: 10.1007/0-306-47639-8Table of Contents:Science Education Researchers and Research in Transition: Issues and Policies
Research in Science Education in Europe: Retrospect and Prospect
Science Content as Problematic – Issues for Research
Science Education Versus Science in the Academy: Questions – Discussion – Perspectives
The Assessment of Scientific Literacy in the OECD/PISA Project
Scientific Literacy: From Theory to Practice
Making Formative Use of a National Summative Assessment Regime
A Comparison of STS-teaching and Traditional Physics Lessons – On the Correlation of Physics Knowledge and Taking Action
On the Quantum Thinking of Physics Undergraduates
Experiences with a Modern Course in Quantum Physics
Learning Process Studies in the Field of Fractals
Students’ Understandings of their Internal Structure as Revealed by Drawings
Personal Context and Continuity of Human Thought, Recurrent Themes in a Longitudinal Study of Pupils’ Understanding of Scientific Phenomena
Entities of the World and Causality in Children’s Thinking
Using Media Reports of Science Research in Pupils’ Evaluation of Evidence
Pupils’ Perceptions of Science Education at Primary and Secondary School
Teacher Professionalism and Change: Developing a Professional Self Through Reflective Assessment
Formative Assessment Using Concept Cartoons: Initial Teacher Training in the UK
Teaching Chemical Equilibrium in Australian and German Senior High Schools
The Ideas of Spanish Primary Teachers on how to Develop an Understanding of Processes in Science and their Support in TextbooksIncludes bibliographical references and index
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